Programs by Patrick J. McCarty

httpgetSimple program for downloading a url and outputing the text to stdout.1.0.4565.3133611/16/2015 6:19:38 AMhttpget.exe
IdleTimeA utility that provides the current time, startup time, and idle time.1.0.4565.3140511/16/2015 6:19:35 AMIdleTime.exe
PathEditorEdits the system and user Path environment variables and detects path problems.2.3.5902.111522/28/2016 6:20:02 AMPathEditor.exe
RegistryReplacerPerforms search and replace within the Windows registry.1.0.4565.3143211/16/2015 6:19:36 AMRegistryReplacer.exe
RunCommandA utility to run a command with parameters and view its exit code and stdout and stderr output streams.1.0.4565.3144411/16/2015 6:19:36 AMRunCommand.exe
SabertoothTestA tool for testing Sabertooth Motor Controllers1.0.0.011/16/2015 6:19:37 AMSabertoothTest.exe
SerialHexA tool for reading and writing serial port data1.3.0.011/16/2015 6:19:38 AMSerialHex.exe
SRF02TestA tool for testing I2C SRF02 sonar rangefinder modules. 6:19:39 AMSrf02Test.exe
TabReplacerReplaces tabbed text with spaces matching the specified tab stops.1.0.4565.3145511/16/2015 6:19:38 AMTabReplacer.exe
WanIPA utility that queries the external WAN IP of a gateway/router using UPNP.1.0.4565.3121111/16/2015 6:19:34 AMWanIP.exe